Ideas abound on Pinterest, Instagram and blogs for how to make your special occasion one that your guests will never forget. With so much information and inspiration at your fingertips, why should you hire an event planner?

Just as popular as Pinterest are the Pinterest Fails threads. We’ve seen the delicious themed cake photos side-by-side with the misshapen results of the home-baked attempts. We’ve chuckled at the gossamer-draped fairy lights celebration pics compared to the cheap, wrinkled reality of do-it-yourself decorating. As hard as we try and as big as our imaginations may be, it isn’t as easy to recreate that cake of the moment or “hundreds of blooms flower wall” as inspiration bloggers make it seem. It takes a lot of creativity, a lot of organization, and a lot of time and hard work – something that many of us simply don’t have.

Hiring an event planner gives you an experienced professional who can bring your ideas to life. They know each vendor’s specialties and can pair you with the right people so your dreams become reality. They also can be your “boots on the ground” for the time-consuming details including addressing and mailing invitations, organizing catering, coordinating transportation, meeting with all vendors, ordering party supplies, hiring entertainment, decorating the venue, and putting the final touches and details on the event the day of your special celebration. An event planner can be worth his or her weight in gold for the peace of mind you get in knowing your occasion is one worthy of an inspiration blog.

The Place at Harbour Crossing can be your blank canvas for a dream event. We have established relationships with talented, local event planners who can transform our venue into a truly memorable celebration for you and your guests. We would love to schedule a tour of our facility and show you how fantastic your next occasion can be!