Traditional weddings have changed over the past decade as has the etiquette of who pays for what. Couples are getting married later and are spending more of their own money to have the wedding they want.

The average US wedding is just under $34,000, according to The Knot’s 2018 wedding survey, and over 90% of the surveyed couples contributed to their wedding expenses. While The Knot’s survey shares that only around 10% of couples pay all of their wedding costs, the Brides American Wedding Study for the same year put that number higher at just under 30% for their survey respondents. Interestingly, both studies reveal that one-third of Gen Zers plan on fully paying for their future weddings and that less than 6% of them believe their parents will cover all expenses.

With Southern weddings tending to tip to the more traditional, what does the trend look like here around the Jackson area? A few of our local event vendors shared their experiences with who pays the wedding costs of their clientele.

Kristen Blackard with Signature Occasions said, “The majority of our client weddings are paid by the parents – about 90%. We do have some where the groom’s family pays for the bar at the reception, or the bride pays for the hair and makeup, but the majority of the cost is usually covered by the bride’s parents. There are also portions that are traditionally covered by the groom’s family (like the bride’s bouquet or the transportation), and we see that most of the time in the weddings we plan.”

Vonda Reeves with Exquisite Events said that 80% of her weddings are for couples between the ages of 28-35 years who pay all the costs.

Anne Marie Smith with 4Top Catering said that most of their wedding menus are paid by the parents, though they do have more couples that pay for bar only while parents cover the food.

Cassandra Guyton from Elegant Expressions said that 80% of her couples pay for the whole event themselves.

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