The Year 2020 is symbolic of “focusing” on meeting and exceeding company goals. One key way leading companies accomplish this focus is to conduct annual “launch” meetings for the new year.

These large once-a-year meetings bring the entire team to an off-site venue away from the office. Goals and objectives for the next year are discussed, clarified and set in place, and the past year is reflected upon with recognition of particular achievements of note, both on a company and individual level.

A new year launch event should be held away from where your team normally works to allow for a different type and different level of thinking. People are taken out of the familiar and also shown they are valued enough to be brought someplace to help with higher-level thinking and planning

In a world focused on speed, we often fail to take stock and commemorate wins in person. In this digital age, it’s also increasingly important that we carve out time spent to connect in person, both personally or professionally, and especially for remote team members. While technology increases efficiency and productivity, it can’t replicate or replace the valuable face-to-face interaction between colleagues and teams that facilitates and encourages brainstorming, sharing of ideas and networking.

Having an offsite event with your team with intentionality and purpose around growing the company together — and not just a get-together for social reasons and to improve morale — can be just the thing that takes your company to the next level.

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