It is our greatest joy at The Place to help our clients celebrate milestone events. We had the pleasure of working with Frankie Thomas, and we are proud to share her testimonial from that experience:

“I was recently faced with the task of putting together my daughter’s wedding in six weeks.  I am so thankful that I contacted The Place at Harbour Crossing. The team of Susan and Bryan made everything so much easier. Susan immediately arranged for us to visit the site and did an excellent job of reviewing all the features that made this the perfect one-stop venue. She provided me with a list of resources that made my planning easier. And then I met with Bryan, and from that point forward, everything got even easier.  He understood exactly what I wanted even better than I did and really helped me to make my daughter’s wedding perfect. He was very reassuring as he made all my requests for changes appear to be effortless. To say that Susan and Bryan calmed my nerves is an understatement. They provided exceptional personal service. I am so glad that we decided to work with them; I could not have pulled it off without their exceptional assistance and the wonderful venue.” – Frankie Thomas, Thomas-Body Wedding, January 28, 2020