Christmas is less than four months away, so it’s time to think about work, family and school parties for the holiday season.  If you book your venue now, you will benefit from:

          1. More venue choices

There are many things to consider when choosing the venue for your Christmas or holiday party such as room size, amenities, theme, budget, and location. Giving yourself plenty of time to do the research and find the right place is important. Venues book out quickly for the holiday season with September being a prime reservation month. Booking now means you’ll be ahead of the main wave, ensuring you get the first choice on venues and entertainment.

          2. The date you want

The longer you delay booking, the busier event venues will become and the less likely you are to secure your preferred date. This is especially true if you want to have your work party on a Thursday or Friday, as they tend to be the most popular evenings and the first to book up in December.

          3. Less stress

Booking the venue is probably the biggest element of organizing the Christmas or holiday party. Get that done early, and you take a lot of pressure off yourself in the coming months. This will mean you’ll have lots more time to focus on less stressful and more fun things such as decorations, entertainment and all of the extras that help make the Christmas party truly memorable.

          4. Better turn out

Having the venue booked now means you give people plenty of notice ensuring more of your friends or colleagues will be available on the day. Leave it until later, and people’s schedules will already be full of other festive commitments. This way you will have more time to create the appropriate buzz.

The Place at Harbour Crossing features amenities including full sound system, audio/visual equipment including projector for presentations or slideshows, outdoor color changing lights, and more to bring the festivity of the holidays to life. Contact us today to schedule your tour and discuss available dates for the season.