As Thanksgiving is fast approaching, people question whether to cook or order out, whether to spend part of Thanksgiving shopping or spending time with family at home, and whether to rent a venue for more room or host in crowded close quarters.

For generations, Thanksgiving Day was a holiday that families spent at home together eating and enjoying one another’s company around the dinner table. But in the last decade, retailers have expanded their Black Friday hours earlier and earlier each year. As a result, most major retailers open for business on Thanksgiving Day, specifically to get a head start on their competition.

In 2011, just six percent of those surveyed said they planned to eat out for Thanksgiving.  Of the people who ate Thanksgiving at home in 2017, nine percent said they picked up parts of the meal. And, four percent said they bought a complete meal. That means nearly one in four diners did not fix Thanksgiving dinner. It is estimated that during Thanksgiving, Cracker Barrel Restaurant will serve 987,300 pounds of turkey, 12 million ounces of gravy, 2.7 million ounces of cranberry relish, and 1.4 million slices of pie.

Another trend gaining ground is to hold family holiday events at a venue rather than at home. As extended families gather with one another from across long distances, renting a venue is not only more comfortable for the large group but also less messy and stressful for the host family. As they coordinate schedules and vacation time around busy work and home lives, more families are also incorporating major life events such birthday, anniversary, reunion and wedding celebrations around major holidays. Thanksgiving weekend and the week from Christmas Day through New Year’s Day have become increasingly popular for booking family milestone celebrations.

What about you? How will you be spending the Thanksgiving holiday? What about Christmas and New Year’s? Do you need to check availability at The Place at Harbour Crossing for upcoming events?

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