Training offsite can help to improve staff morale and motivation as well as teamwork. The change of scenery away from the office can help employees better focus and learn. Interruptions are limited, and employees are not distracted by ringing phones or the temptation to constantly check email. Incorporating hands-on activities centered around teamwork and problem solving gets employees thinking outside of the box and collaborating together. This all results in higher employee engagement which helps everyone get the most out of the training sessions.

The Place at Harbour Crossing is the perfect environment for team training sessions and workshops for small and large groups. Seating can be set up as theater, classroom-style, workshop or even a combination. Our rentals include a projector, podium and sound system for presentations, and our venue has ample room for group team-building activities plus space for refreshment stations. We can even make lunch hassle-free with delivery from one of our preferred catering vendors or you can use a caterer of your choice.

Plan your next training or workshop at The Place. Schedule a tour with your group in mind.