A gobo is a piece of flat steel or glass containing an image or patterns. When inserted into a special lighting fixture or projector, the gobo produces patterns of light and shadow on curtains, walls, floors, screens and more.

Gobos allow our clients at The Place to customize and brand their corporate events, parties or weddings with their company logo, couple’s names, monogram, theme or just about any artwork. Online companies can turn a custom gobo out in as little as a week. The Place also stocks a variety of gobo designs for rent such as celebration (champagne glasses), party time (confetti), starry night (small pinhole stars), mega stars (larger stars), fiesta (celebration/confetti), hearts, Christmas tree, Merry Christmas (with holly), party balloons, Happy Birthday, bells (wedding or Christmas), Just Married, and musical notes.

More than one gobo can be used to create a personalized ambiance to make your occasion unique. The Place offers two ceiling projectors and two portable projectors for rental so event and party planners can be creative. Be sure to include this important visual in your design to brighten your event and add a personal flair.