The Place at Harbour Crossing participated in a Bridal Registry event in association with Southern Living Weddings at Dillard’s Northpark this past weekend. Brides are very interested in popular trends including the best wedding dates as well as combining the wedding and reception at the same venue.

The most popular months to get married are now October and September, followed by June, May and August.  For the first time ever, 35 to 40 percent of all weddings will take place during the fall.

The Place is booking wedding ceremonies and receptions in the same place much more often now. Some of the benefits of this trend include:

  • One-stop shopping. Booking one location for your entire event versus trying to orchestrate things at two separate venues streamlines so many aspects of your big day.
  • Shorter commute. You don’t have to worry about the logistics (and extra expense) of transporting everyone from the ceremony site to the party. And your guests don’t have to worry about finding parking spots at multiple venues.
  • Seamless cocktail hour. There’s no awkward gap between saying “I do” and starting the cocktail reception. And you can relax knowing your family and friends are enjoying hors d’oeuvres while you’re posing for newlywed photos.
  • Upcycled décor. It’s easier to repurpose décor when your ceremony and reception spaces are at the same place. For example, your ceremony arch can double as the background of your sweetheart table.
  • Better attendance. With just one location, guests who may have a problem attending a ceremony and reception at two different venues won’t have to choose between them.

The Place at Harbour Crossing would love to show you how you can make your fall wedding and reception spectacular! Contact us today to schedule your tour.