Before planning an outdoor wedding, reunion or senior graduation party, weather and other factors are crucial in choosing a venue. The creative aspects of event planning and making your vision come to life are certainly critical, but realistically considering the impact of other influences like inclement weather on an important milestone event is a practicality that shouldn’t be overlooked.

While those swoon-worthy Instagram photos may depict a gorgeous, flawless outdoor event that you hope to recreate, influencers have put a tremendous amount of time and energy into planning for that brief photographic memory posted on their wall. We don’t see the stress, complications or reality behind the scenes to capture that perfect snapshot in time. A local wedding photographer recently shared with us that he no longer books outdoor Mississippi weddings in July because no amount of filters or Photoshop can fix sweating, red-faced bridal parties or humidity-ravaged hair and makeup. His years of experience in the wedding industry has taught him that trying to battle certain outdoor elements results in disappointing photographic memories of those special occasions that could be better planned or avoided altogether.

Some of the considerations involving outdoor events include:

  • Potential of rain and thunderstorms especially during spring and summer
  • Excessive heat and humidity during summer and frigid cold and wind during late fall and winter months
  • Limitations to type of dress, heels, entertainment, decorations or foods
  • Access to suitable bathrooms
  • Effects of outdoor conditions on photography
  • Can everyone hear the ceremony or presentation? Will your event be competing with other outdoor activities or noise?
  • Does your outdoor venue pose a challenge to some guests with mobility limitations or special needs like wheelchairs or canes?
  • Keep guests comfortable with bug repellent, sunscreen, fans, umbrellas, blankets, or outdoor heaters depending on the weather forecast.
  • Providing security to keep your guests safe and your event private. Outdoor spaces without physical barriers can invite event crashers or conflicts with others using the area.
  • Check to see if special permits are required.

The ideal outdoor location has an indoor location waiting just in case. It’s also important to check the rain policy on your rental contracts for outdoor venues.

Outdoor events combined with perfect weather can be a dream come true, but the comfort and stability of an indoor venue ensures there are no unexpected surprises on your special day.

The Place at Harbour Crossing offers over 7000 square feet of indoor heated/cooled flexible space plus an outdoor covered patio with rolling door giving direct access to the full bar area and interior of the building. This allows clients to have the benefit of both indoors and outdoors in one venue. Our sound system is integrated throughout the venue including the patio so guests never miss out on the program or action of your event. A separate prep kitchen gives the caterers of your choice plenty of room to prepare without battling elements. Our building is handicap-accessible and offers restroom facilities and loads of space to easily accommodate guest lists over 200.

We would love to show you everything The Place has to offer in planning your next visit. Let us give you a tour.