The Place at Harbour Crossing’s most celebrated birthday this year is the 50th birthday. We have a number of dates already booked for these half-century celebrations as well as for a 60th birthday and above.

While “50 is the new 30” is a line from a movie, it is appropriate for the fun party atmosphere that marks this golden milestone.  There are all kinds of “mature” party ideas including dancing to 1970s hits like “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough,” “Ride Captain Ride,” or “Julie, Do Ya Love Me.”

We’ve featured some photos of our clients’ parties. The main sentiment that family members or loved ones have expressed in planning these milestone events is that they want to show the birthday boy or girl how much they mean to everyone.

So, plan a grand occasion or surprise party today. Call Susan at 601.851.1850 today to book your date.